I have developed the following projects.

Store Level Pricing

The Store Level Pricing project will maintain price and cost of the products at store level. This project will enable store-specific pricing based on the competitive landscape. This application provides the ability to create, maintain and transmit store level price changes to the stores. This product manages the New Lower Pricing indicator for each store and provides some coarse actions for approvals / rejections. This project reduces number of price points to maintain (170 markets to average of 5 zones per product) and removes market constraint for pricing. It provides the ability to compete with target competitors in one or more stores. This application allows the users to make price changes for all the general merchandise products (nearly 700k).

Advanced Lane Finding

Project Website :

Gait based authentication system

This project aims to authenticate people based on gait the way of one’s walking - clinically proved to be unique, an android application collects data from smartphone through accelerometer in 3 axes.

The data is then imported to a statistical programming environment and undergoes noise removal, transformation, feature extraction, modelling (train and test) and then authenticate subject to be genuine or imposter afterwards.

Project Website :

Internet Search Utility

It is a nice search utility which uses advanced Google search techniques and queries and to find content available in open directories. It can find content of type :

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Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Developed a project for sentiment analysis of real time user generated content for popular social website - Twitter

and represents it in form of pie chart based on label percentages.

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Periodic Table Game

Developed a game in which elements have to be dragged at their correct position for TCS Gameon.